The Trading Department of Baran Chemistry Co. was originally recorded as a natural person in 2004, and has been continuing its operations as a private joint-stock manufacturing and trading business since 2012 with the foundation of the company and entering the realm of competition.

Although Baran Chemistry Co started its trading operations in 1998 and continued these operations by assuming the responsibility for foreign orders and the discharge department, the experienced team of Baran Chemistry entered the line of imports and exports independently in 2004, continuing its activities as a tradesman and trading consultant for the large manufacturing and industrial groups. Due to the international sanctions and pressures and in order to supply the commodities required nationwide, the trading department of this company opened up the Turkish Office in Istanbul in 2011, and Baran Chemistry Pasargad Mfg. and Trading Co. was ultimately found in 2012 given the interest in manufacturing and specially the nano industry and high tech industries and the dire need of the country for replacing the foreign products. The Trading Department of the company runs extensive operations in two sections of imports and exports, fulfilling the needs and requirements of a large number of industries and organizations.



The largest portion of the business imports originates from the needs and orders nationwide, and if requested by the customers, the department renders remarkable services in terms of supplying the goods, receiving the pro forma invoice, sending foreign exchange orders through the accredited exchange offices and fulfilling all transportation operations and finally discharging the goods and delivering them in Iran. Among the imported commodities are the following:



Industrial electricity equipment




We are fully prepared to supply the commodities and fulfill all transportation and coordination affairs with the purpose of receiving export foreign exchange via Turkey and the United Arab Emirates and to make payments in rial in Iran. Major exports activities of this company are in the areas of industrial electricity equipment and chemicals. 

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